To get the best out of your shopping,make sure you only buy, the true food from your local gardens store, that way you will only get the health you are after, as otherwise you are eating all the bad Chemicals that are put into the ground like fertilisers, which have all the nasties in them that’s why My wife and our family grow a whole lot of our own foods, because the allergies, are not in fresh grown food from garden fresh places, you can’t beat going to your own garden for nice fresh Lettuces, tomatoes, red beets, celery, corn, and snow peas, and feeding them with organic foods.

 this site is what I have been wanting to build for a long time now, not just for making a better life, but also to share what I like doing now in my retirement , as I am the Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer, in our home as my Wife has a break down, and has a real fear of cooking near hot plates and stoves now, as that was a few years ago, then twelve months ago I Myself had a bad Stroke, and was in hospital for a few weeks and they were very good to me in there in the North West Hospital in Bernie Tasmania.

So from there on we both have had our share of problems, but God has helped us through all the difficulties of moving around but now its getting better every day, life is a blast when you look on the bright side of things and realise that there is always some one worse off than we are.Also by growing the right Vegetables and then harvesting them fresh from the Garden then Cooking them by Steaming them along with some snow peas, and Carrots, and sweet Potatoes.

Its real fun growing your own food and teaching your children to learn about it as well they just love to see them coming up through the ground after they have sown them and they just love watering their seeds and watching them grow we also feed the plants with rabbit manure, from underneath the cages from where all their droppings fall into a tray, and removed every week and the wee -wee is put into a vat and watered down, to 5 to one, litters and sprayed onto the seed beds as well and seeing the seeds germinate in just under a week, so nothing ever is wasted.

We grow all our own vegetables, and we also have quite a few fruit trees that bare a lot of fruit so we the best of both worlds, and what we can’t grow we can buy at a market that doesn’t use Chemicals to grow their stuff, and we think any one who wants to be healthy, needs to either grow their own or make sure you can get your foods from the places who don’t use Chemicals because I have no doubts that is why there are many dying well before their time with Cancer’s and other Problems so if you can get it get it and live longer and healthier to do that Eat what you sow 4 health  until next time you keep healthy, and grow your own, and live well and be happy  and laugh a lot as well.


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