Loose Weight Fast Eating Good Food

 Hi and welcome to my blog post about loosing weight fast Eating good foods; for far to long , we have heard all the weight Guru’s preaching their so called good news, well be prepared to hear the truth, and yes they will say its not your fault,and of cause its not its their’s, they try to make you buy all their junk food and swallow all their false Promises, that’s where the trouble is.

So that’s where we are going to put a stop to it all and give you some tips on how good food will help you loose weight not put it on;every third day I go on a food fast and only have liquid drinks, like my morning breakfast I have a mug of water, boiled,an hour later I have a mug of black tea, no milk, no sugar, just plain black tea.

then a mug of water boiled an hour later, then an hour later I have mug of coffee at 3.00 pm in the afternoon, no sugar, at all in any drinks, then an hour after another mug of boiled water,Then hour later another black tea, keep your fluids up every hour, as it will flush all the toxins out and then when you go back onto your diet you feel much more cleaner inside.

I go on this type of Diet, every 3 days, and its given me more energy, did you read what I just said It gives me me, more energy, and life in my body, and always remember, what works for one person, may not work for you, but try them out pick what suites you and your Diet, don’t criticise, what some one else does try and get Positive feed back for them , by doing that you are helping people write better and learn how to help others.

I have had trouble with my weight, as I had a stroke two years ago, and still find it hard to stick to a Diet, and other issue, that you will  learn as you follow my blog , Remember I’m not Perfect in Man’s eyes but in God’s eyes that’s a very different Matter, And its Him who says don’t judge and you will not be judged, but with what Judgement we judge others we ourselves will be judged by Him.

That is a very Powerful Statement, that we need to take notice of why, because we all are made in His Image, and what He says is good is good, always try to do some thing good, for some one  each day like Smile, and talk clearly not Mumble its always the first impression, that people get of you that counts, so try to make it a winner for yourself, they never forget, what’s the first thing a young child does when you give them something nice, they smile and if brought up right they say thank you, it always make me so happy to see those little smiles, and it will for you as well you try it:



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