Hey what you Eating/Good or Bad

Hey what you eating Man, is it good for you,is it healthy, or does it say on the front of the Packet its for you, and will make you healthy, Do you believe all those Lies we read on the Packages, I don’t for one Minute, because if it was true they would go Broke over night, Good news never sells Papers.

See I had a Stroke a few months ago Believing what People told me was good for me would make me more healthy, give me more Energy, open my Lung Capacity more and help me breathe better, big Lie again,Be very careful what you hear, and take notice of.

Now I did find out some things for myself, and yes I now put them into Practice every time I go for my morning Stroll, I warm up first, and I take it slowly and will start to speed up next Month, because, my Wife says I’m a bit over weight for my height, and yes I’m a bit over weight, I’m 6’3′ bare feet, and have a veranda overhang over my belt, but I am slowly doing something about it, my Wife has taken some before shots of me and she will take some after shots of me after 6 Months.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will my weight, come off in a day its taken me 10 years to put it all on but It won’t take that long to remove it, Oh is that what you think,I hear you thinking, well if I was to take notice of all you sticking Guru’s out there then yes it would but; But, I have full Confidence in my Nutritionist; who has taken a big Interest in my case.

Oh and by the way He is from the U S A. but you will have to guess who he is, and no Prize for guessing who he is, thanks very much , you know who you are: and we will meet in Lus-vagus later in the year to Celebrate and tell all about it. So now we know what some of the Problems cause all this over weight issues in our Societies, what can we do about it, well first of all I found with me anyway I had to work out what I wanted from my life that I have left as it was my 70th Birthday on the 7th this month, and working on building an online business starting with article Marketing, and finding out all about the markets of Affiliate Marketing.

Well I’m taking action and I’m enjoying myself doing it so far, I want to get to delivering 5 Articles a day online, looking for good Keywords to build articles around them is always a big challenge, but will get better at it in time, so yes we need to watch what we eat like plenty of fruit and vegetables, I like to eat a Bannana for breakfast with my bowl of rolled oats, no milk or sugar just a teaspoon of Honey, and hot water to bind the oats and honey and my Bannana, then graze through out the day, on greens and fish samwiches, and have a Tuna samwich, and some fruit like an Orange, or an apple. thats it no lolies, a couple of squares of dark chocklate, at supper time. thats it


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