Eating Raw to Health:

There are so many, topics on eating healthy foods, that it becomes a source of worry for many People who are feeling over weight, and they get so discouraged, and do nothing, Why am I saying this, because thats how I was, I’m overweight a big Middle, sticking out over my belt, and I hate going out among healthy athletes, and they try to encourage me to cook the right foods that are good for me, but goes in one ear and straight out the other ear with out change.

So what am I going to do about it, my first thought is nothing just be happy; ha ha, is that right, well Man I have news for you, and to your way of thinking its all bad; so this little small Voice was saying to me, so after giving it a lot of cheek, on why I should be able to please myself, and having a great old whinge, about it, and got to thinking and looking through my old Pictures, of how I was when younger, and full of beans running around, with mates and playing a bit of Football, and becoming apart of a football team as a Trainer, when some one needed help after getting a heavy knock on field. ( Change had to happen ).So to get back my right way of eating was a little bit twisted, and tookm me quite a while to Ajust to this new way of eating, plus it was like being on a new Journey, so it made me realise, there was a better way to have a good life, just slow down and Listen to your Inner Knower, it will show you that it is the Holy Spirit, of God wanting to Guide you on lifes right Pathway.

From here on until the rest of my Life I took a good hard look at my life, and asked myself those questions.

1. Where is all the good in this:

The good is in seeing the right path, and following it;By doing it this way you are allowing God to Direct you lifes pathway, into a better life, of eating, and living, so then we can not go wrong, as he is the creator of all good things no matter what ever we eat or goon what ever Journey, we take:

2. Living and eating the way God intended us too:

See when we look at all the food choices, out in the market place, it really looks good But how much is good for us, and how much is bad, filled with all that Processed inputbad for us. plus grown in a lot of Chemicals put into our Soil

3. Its not hard just Practice and Commonseanse Living:

And you will soon notice the difference, in your whole life, And myself I won’t be going back to eating the old way, anytime soon, as my health has changed, my libedo has improved I sleep better, and feel lot better and love life now.


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