Improve your health and flatten your belly:

Everyone loves the convenience of simple, ready to eat snacks, but quite honestly many snacks touted as healthy are really anything but! If you are looking to improve your health and flatten your belly, make sure you avoid the below snacks at all costs!

1. Whole Wheat Crackers – Whole wheat crackers are heavily processed and are generally composed of a long list of artificial ingredients. They also contain loads of inflammation-promoting gluten, and many popular brands are also loaded with partially hydrogenated oils (aka trans fats). This even applies to 100% Whole Wheat crackers, so don’t be fooled by all the “heart healthy” health claims. Make no mistake, whole wheat crackers are a BAD choice for your health and your fatloss goals.

2. Most Protein Bars – Most protein bars are nothing more than glorified candy bars. Full of artificial, damaging ingredients, cheap protein, and loads of sugar, the vast array of protein bars on the market fail to make the cut for a healthy snack. Fortunately, BioTrust Organic Protein Bars were made to solve that problem, but we’ve got something even better for you that we’ll tell you about in just a minute.

3. Fruit Smoothies – We’re not talking about homemade fruit smoothies or delicious fat-burning smoothies made with BioTrust Low Carb protein powder, but rather the sugar-laden, syrup-derived, so-called fruit smoothies that you’ll find at your local smoothie shop. Some of them have upwards of 75 grams of sugar in a small smoothie – yikes! Is that really what you want to be putting in your body as a “healthy” snack on the go?

4. Granola Bars – Somewhere along the line we were all taught that granola bars are healthy. Why or how, I’m not sure. They’re high carb, high sugar, low protein, and fail to provide any truly “healthy” ingredients whatsoever.

That said, we aren’t going to leave you hanging there! While the above snacks are BAD news for your health and waistline, believe it or not, you can actually eat and enjoy healthy, convenient and delicious COOKIES anytime your heart desires, Here’s what I’m talking about.

breakfast is important to be healthy and fit, but I don’t have time to cook in the morning. Finding and eating healthy snacks during the day is even more of a problem — there’s just no time! What do you suggest I eat that I can grab on the go?”

Well, this is a GREAT question because protein is vitally important to eat in the morning and as part of those “in between meal” snacks. It gets your calorie-burning metabolism going and it prevents hunger and cravings throughout the day. That’s why I think you should eat what I eat anytime I’m on the run… a melt-in-your-mouth, soft and chewy BioTrust Iced Oatmeal Raisin or Chewy Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie!

Yep… it’s super simple. I just grab an individually-packaged cookie (or two) and start munching away as I rush out the door, or later in the day when I’m out and about. It really is THE perfect protein-packed breakfast (or snack anytime during the day) when you’re busy and on the move.

“But are these cookies really healthy enough to serve as an ideal fat-burning breakfast or snack—especially if I’m looking to lose fat?”


Loose Weight Fast Eating Good Food

Hi and welcome to my blog post about loosing weight fast Eating good foods; for far to long , we have heard all the weight Guru’s preaching their so called good news, well be prepared to hear the truth, and yes they will say its not your fault,and of cause its not its their’s, they try to make you buy all their junk food and swallow all their false Promises, that’s where the trouble is.

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