Losing weight each day

When it comes to losing weight, just stop and think, did I put it on over night, or how long did it take, your answer might surprise you, because no you did not put it on over night; It took you several months even years, to get like that.

My school weight was no more than  about 175 lbs, and I really felt great then, and then when I later got Married, (must of been all the good cooking my wife did for me) ha ha LOL; no it was from late night drinking bouts, that caused it after training for football matches, it don’t take much to put it on but you try to get it off; different story isn’t it.

Then you eat a lot of rubbish, like lollies, chocolates, not much fruit, and Veggies, it all comes back to what we eat, is it good and wholesome, for our bodies, no its not good for us and the more junk food we eat the more fat we put on our Tummies, so when you want to go to MacDonald’s  or Pizza  just think why am I hurting myself why not Steam up some nice broccoli, cauliflower, half a cup of potatoes, snow peas, nice Chicken breast, no fat, and you will enjoy it a lot better.

And be better for it, and feel healthier for it, and if you want Desert, have nice home made fruit salad, with couple desert spoons of Yoghurt, and a nice cup of plain black tea ice cold, lovely and refreshing.


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